February 19th – Best Birthday Ever?

— Pothole filled with some gravel.

So here we go…I have never written a blog. I am excited to do it and this this is a 44th birthday present to myself. I want to blog everyday this year – 365 days of posts. I’ve decided to blog the next day about the day before because this is a Leap Year so I am taking advantage of it by starting the day after my birthday but still getting 365 posts. ; ) I am pretty good about spinning things. I originally was frustrated that I didn’t post yesterday because Jack, my 12 year old son, was home sick with the stomach flu so it was a “Motherhood Birthday” as I kept calling it all day and a pure “survival/all about Jack” day. Then it hit me today and I could make starting today an actual plan and still achieve my goal. Slick, huh?

I’ll either be back later today to add more or I will be back tomorrow with Blog Post #2.

Published by Jenn Rotz

Amateur blogger, professional mom, proud wife, dog owner and lover, current Communications Director, former HR Director.

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